Do you have old vinyl records & 45's sitting in your attic, garage, basement, cabinets, storage space or elsewhere that you are looking to get rid of? 

We are always looking to buy vinyl record collections of most styles & genres from the 50's to the present. with 20 years of buying & selling experience, we have the knowledge to properly evaluate your collection.  

We pay fair market prices based on condition & titles for good records & collections. we will travel throughout new england and beyond to buy larger collections, no collection is too large or small. we pay cash/check/paypal on the spot once an offer is agreed upon. 

we also buy CD's, cassettes & stereo equipment components (turntables, amps/receivers, speakers)

call today for more info about our buying process:

or email: autumnrecordsvt@gmail.com

or just bring your records in to our store anytime during store hours. no appointment necessary!:
Autumn records
11 E. Allen St. Suite 2
Winooski, Vt 05404
(downtown at the top of the traffic circle)

we hope to hear from you soon, thanks!

(also feel free to use the contact form below to tell us a little bit more about what you have & we will get back to you right away!)

Tell us a little more about the records you'd like to sell (please include an approx. quantity and what types of records you have)

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